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System Insight Engineering's mission is to improve our customert's bottom line by cutting time to market in half through projects we find socially, technically, or personally compelling.
We believe it is most efficient to have a simulation expert learn about a project's challenges rather than have someone on every project team try to become a simulation expert. System Insight Engineering leverages the computing power available in the cloud so that even large complex models can provide timely answers for your project.

Meet The Team

Arlen Ward, PhD, PE

Arlen has BS and MS Mechanical Engineering degrees from the University of Colorado, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University where Arlen's research focused on using computational modeling and simulation to improve the performance of energy-based tools in urological surgery. Arlen has 14 years of experience in modeling and simulations for medical applications with Valleylab, Covidien, and Medtronic.

Arlen has more than 16 issued patents and 20+ pending patent applications and has published multiple papers and conference proceedings on the use of modeling in medical devices and the interaction with biological materials. Arlen has served on the COMSOL conference program committee and served as a reviewer for two research conferences and several journals.

Casey Ladtkow

Casey holds a masters degree from the University of Colorado with an emphasis in biomedical engineering. He continues to gain academic experience in numerical methods including optimization, machine learning, and finite element methods, as well as electromagnetics, computer science, and graphic design.

His professional experience includes 13 years of modeling experience in the medical device field. Casey has served as the chief modeling expert in the ablation group at Covidien and Medtronic for the past 13 years. He has over 30 US patents issued with 20+ pending patent applications and has served on the COMSOL conference program committee.
Casey’s work impacts patient outcomes by capitalizing on the intersection of finite element multiphysics modeling and numerical methods.

Trust The Experts

We are a computational modeling and simulation consultancy that specializes in medical devices. We are experts in multiphysics simulations of complex systems and modeling the interaction between energy and biological tissue. Energy modalities span electrical, optical, or ultrasonic energy. By modeling tissue response, we engineer solutions that target a specific tissue effect, whether at a targeted cutting rate or to protect critical structures from thermal damage. We are driven to fast-track high quality medical devices to market, reduce prototype iterations, and speed regulatory approval - significantly benefiting your bottom line.

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