Validation testing compares the simulation to real world testing and determines if the
observed differences are acceptable for the intended use. Whether provided by you or
generated in our own testing laboratory, this comparison provides the support needed to
have confidence in the model predictions. Validation testing is a key component of
simulation deployment, and we use the ASME VV40-2018 standard to guide validation
efforts for each application.

Model Validation Plan

For each project, our team develops a model validation plan that identifies how we are comparing the question of interest (QOI) as a simulation output to physical test data. We also identify which data are being provided by you and which we will be developing test protocols for data collection in our validation laboratory. This plan also identifies the comparison criteria for the validation effort, identifying the needed level of agreement.

model arm

Testing Capabilities 

Our testing laboratory has been developed from the ground up to measure the important aspects of energy-tissue interaction. Using bench tissue or gel models we can collect the key material properties for your application as well as measure results to compare to the simulation predictions.


Optical Measurement
       Optical Prototyping
       Macro Imaging
       System Characterization
       Schliren Imaging

Electrical Measurement

       High Voltage and Current Measurement
       Data Capture and Analysis
       Capacitive Coupling for RF Applications
       Dynamic Dielectric Measurement of Tissue
       Algorithm Verification

Microscope Measurement

Thermal Measurement

       IR Camera
       Thermocouple array
       Color schlieren temperature field

Pressure Measurement
       Device-tissue interface
       Pressure transducers
       Bench Model Tissue Testing
       Thermal Spread
       Property characterization
              Electrical (RF and Microwave)


Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

Schlieren Temperature Measurement

Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

Electrical Measurement

Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

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